Musical Trains & Recording Fun!

Here are some great pictures of the super early years children in the recording studio later  in our development process, after several workshops, recording key words and sounds essential to the experience the app designed for this age group upwards.


Teenage representative Cal is recording with Dave which ensures integration of groups working on the app.


In the nursery we have had several high-energy sessions, using the theme of “train journeys” to explore the various sound worlds suggested by the teenage group.


Travelling in an imaginary train, we stop off to explore different places and situations in our imagination, generating ideas and sound bites that we will be able to use in the app.


These enhanced learning experiences, as well as being enjoyable and fun for the participants, also encourage:

  • Active listening and concentration
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Carrying out instructions
  • Leading and following
  • Co-operation and collaboration
  • Self-expression



App Development Action


Today the young folk were sole coders, with Jonathan and Daniel, on multiple laptops pushing ahead with placing images from the toddlers (some were pre-prepared in Photoshop by Jonathan while some chose to begin learning Photoshop and prepping the toddler artwork themselves). No music recording work today, although sounds are still being inserted into the app from the library of great music and sound already recorded in the sessions. Close attention was given to timing of boots of walking up and down stairs and how buttons help navigate around the app.


Coding the app

Brilliant to the see app coming together this afternoon.
Not just having fun creating demos, to see how App Inventor works, but starting to turn the actual wireframe into the real app.
Different groups worked with different screens, using the toddlers original artwork to create buttons and backgrounds for each scene.


Musical Loops

Dave was set up with music for us to start drumming and playing & recording  – so the background music pieces are being produced for the app. Markus played the guitar!

The app buttons were designed and worked on in Photoshop – we chose a house image drawn by the nursery children for the front page.

Toddler Textures


As well as music sessions where sounds were recorded and fun was had on the musical train journey, the children started creating visual material for the app in the afternoon. The teenage group have now designed a wireframe which includes learning about safety in the home (in a fun way!) so the younger children started drawings for the app and then gathering texture rubbings using water soluble pastels to great effect!!

Later the sounds were edited for the app and the visual pictures and texture artwork were digitised for use in the app.