TTS Event at Creative Scotland

Excited about this upcoming Creative Scotland event on 20th October, celebrating not only our Teens & Weans App, but all the Time to Shine projects!

Our own sharing event is on the 27th October at Howden Park Centre too! In the meantime, please download our app on ios and android by clicking on icons here!!

Teenagers Final App Testing!

Jonathan and Simone were at today’s session with mobile devices with the Teens & Weans House App on it – for everybody at Craigsfarm to see, play & test some more! Comments were constructive and positive, with teenage folk pleased with their design, coding and music. It has been quite a journey over this year and alot has been learnt and skills developed for sure… The hard work has paid off !! Although there are some aspects of the digital interaction that some would do a little differently in hindsight, everybody is happy that the early years children enjoy playing the app.

Here is the link to download the app on ios and android platforms….

Just click on the App Store or Google Play icons!! Cool!!


Appy Summer!


Early summer everybody took a break to think on all that had been achieved and further testing was carried out in-formally. Hippotrix team members in July & now August have taken time to refine the app with final back-end coding development – solving the odd crash etc. Music track adjustment in relation to app timings has been carried out with Dave at Hippotrix.

We all look forward to getting together again early September for session discussion, evaluation of our creative process and sharing of app thoughts with peers to ensure all happy with this product designed by the teenagers over the last 8 months for the toddlers. We are all confident that the toddlers are very happy with the new digital toy!

Autumn will be a time to explore marketing ie a leaflet (?) and social media promotion…


TimeTo Shine Presentation @theHub

A great day at the Hub in Edinburgh sharing progress on all the TTS Creative Scotland funded projects. Jonathan, from Hippotrix and Cal, the teenage representative spoke about the app and how the WLYAP teenage group had learnt about code, music, design and the process of developing their own software application. Visuals were shared by Jonathan documenting the process a little more and he explained how Hippotrix and Music Specialist David Trouton, an early years specialist had led music and app workshops to engage the nursery children and encourage their opinion and thoughts on the app experience. A valuable day!

All systems Go!


Coding (still lots to do!)  in session by teenagers and Daniel & Jonathan are now doing some developing inbetween sessions to achieve the groups aims and to take on board feedback from toddlers so adjustments made.

Sound creation continues in the other corner with Dave and young folk – reviewing, editing and adjusting sounds for the app.

Contributions to title suggestions for the app were made by early years children during the testing day at Toronto Nursery and these were carried forward into discussion with teenagers…watch this space!



Testing Time with Early Years Children!


Testing Time! An exciting day – taking mobile devices into Toronto Nursery to share the app (digital toy) and let the children play and explore the interactive screens! The teenage representative Cal from WYAP met with the nursery children for the first time which was a milestone moment, circulating amongst the young testers and successfully sharing/testing the app on the mobile. Toronto Nursery staff assisted in the ideal set-up for the children and our team rolled out a carefully planned session which ran between 10.30 am and 12.30pm.

The session led with a musical warm-up by Dave Trouton to familiarise the children and then a walk through chat about images (projected on wall) from the app ahead of sharing the app on mobile devices with toddlers for them to play the digital toy…

The team, Jonathan, Daniel and Simone from Hippotrix, musician Dave, and Fiona Low from WLC (plus an external evaluator), along with nursery staff, monitored  responses by watching small groups of two early years children to one adult. Many toddlers laughed with glee and returned to favourite screens and interactions during the digital play. Much conversation was had between children and adults present and the space was buzzing with excitement! Quotes were recorded and video was gathered as well as photographic images and feedback points noted for immediate ammendment during next teenage coding sessions.


SFX & soundtrack creation


Dave has been encouraging the group members in the sound/music department by involving them in the creative and technical tasks of editing and manipulating sounds recorded by the nursery children. This is a “hands on “ process where participants use professional sound recording software to make the sound “loops” that will feature in the finished app. They are beginning to learn the editing skills for this as well as creating layered music loops and drum patterns, selecting appropriate synth sounds and sequencing them to create the soundtracks that will eventually work with the animated visual elements of the app. Great concentrated fun!