Testing Time with Early Years Children!


Testing Time! An exciting day – taking mobile devices into Toronto Nursery to share the app (digital toy) and let the children play and explore the interactive screens! The teenage representative Cal from WYAP met with the nursery children for the first time which was a milestone moment, circulating amongst the young testers and successfully sharing/testing the app on the mobile. Toronto Nursery staff assisted in the ideal set-up for the children and our team rolled out a carefully planned session which ran between 10.30 am and 12.30pm.

The session led with a musical warm-up by Dave Trouton to familiarise the children and then a walk through chat about images (projected on wall) from the app ahead of sharing the app on mobile devices with toddlers for them to play the digital toy…

The team, Jonathan, Daniel and Simone from Hippotrix, musician Dave, and Fiona Low from WLC (plus an external evaluator), along with nursery staff, monitored  responses by watching small groups of two early years children to one adult. Many toddlers laughed with glee and returned to favourite screens and interactions during the digital play. Much conversation was had between children and adults present and the space was buzzing with excitement! Quotes were recorded and video was gathered as well as photographic images and feedback points noted for immediate ammendment during next teenage coding sessions.


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